A-1 Professional Home Services has the helpful services you need for your chimney, fireplace, and home exterior. Our trained staff is easy to work with, and will always keep your budget, timeframe, and unique needs in mind. Our company utilizes the most modern technology, equipment, and components to get the job done right, and has the capabilities to work with almost any existing space or setup for results that are guaranteed to impress.

Wood Burning FireplaceChimney & Fireplaces

Cleaning, Inspection & Repairs

If you own a classic wood fireplace, you can always count on the professionals at A-1 Professional Home Services to deliver a cleaning, inspection, and/or repair experience that is second-to-none. We'll go over every inch of your fireplace and provide the ideal services to get it up and running at full, comfortable capacity – the way you have always dreamed of.

Fireplace with a Glass DoorGlass Doors

Sales & Installation

Our company works mostly with the top names in the glass door industry, including Port Will and Hearth Craft. Once on the job site, most installs can be fully completed within a full day to give you a functional fireplace accent with stunning looks to match.

Dryer Vent CleaningDryer Vents

Cleaning/Inspection & Repairs

Proper inspection and maintenance of your dryer vents is a must, whether you own a home or a business. Neglecting these vents can allow lint build-up to occur, and even put you at risk for a devastating dryer fire that can cost you everything. Don't let that happen! Contact A-1 Professional Home Services now for a personalized inspection and cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning

Rain gutters channel excess water away from your home, keep the lower levels dry, and safeguard your foundation from flooding and groundwater. By eliminating this risk, you’re taking steps to prevent costly repairs and keeping more money in your pocket.

At A-1 Professional Home Services, we offer these types of expert gutter services and more! From thorough cleanings to guard and cover installation, we cankeep your property dry, year-round. 

For Sale Sign on a HomeRealtor: Fast Digital Inspection Reports

Proper, thorough home inspections are essential for any realtor to ensure their properties are ready for sale. More importantly, as a realtor, you don't want to leave your potential client with an expensive repair or replacement because the inspection wasn't done properly. A-1 Professional Home Services provides expert, on-site support and home inspection services that come with an in-depth digital inspection report that can be shared with your clients, electronically.

For More Information Concerning Our Services, Please Call A-1 Professional Home Services At 916-927-4235.