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Window Screen Replacement & Repair

A-1 Professional Home Services is your go-to expert for comprehensive screen repair and replacement solutions. Whether you're dealing with bug and insect screens, seeking sun, solar, shade, or privacy options, or needing durable pet screens and grills, our skilled team can repair, replace, re-screen, and even craft custom screens and framing to meet your unique needs. Our services extend to frame repair and replacement, ensuring your screens are not only functional but also perfectly fitted and aesthetically pleasing. Trust A-1 Professional Home Services to enhance your home's comfort, protection, and appeal with our top-tier screen services.

We Repair, Replace, re-screen and make custom screens & framing for:

  • Bug & Insect Screens
  • Sun – Solar – Shade -Privacy Screens
  • Pet Screens & Grills
  • Frame Repair & Replacement


BENEFITS: Prevents bug intrusion while getting fresh air from open windows, cosmetic & neighborhood appeal

Our Bug Screens are the perfect solution for enjoying fresh air without the hassle of unwanted guests. Designed to block the intrusion of insects while maintaining airflow, these screens allow you to open your windows and embrace the breeze, ensuring your living space remains comfortable and bug-free. Not only functional, our bug screens also enhance your home's cosmetic and neighborhood appeal, seamlessly blending with your exterior décor to provide both protection and style.


  • Upgraded materials available.


BENEFITS: Reduce Sun’s Heat & Glare! Provide daytime privacy seeing in while you can see out. Prevents fading carpets & furnishings, cosmetic & neighborhood appeal.

Experience the benefits of our Solar Shade Screen, designed to reduce the sun's heat and glare for a more comfortable indoor environment. Enjoy privacy with clear outward views, allowing natural light in while keeping prying eyes out. Our screens protect carpets and furnishings from fading, preserving their color and integrity. Enhance your space's aesthetic and curb appeal with this functional and stylish solution.


install a pet screen

BENEFITS: Increased lifespan, 7 x’s stronger than standard fiberglass screens. Special pet resistant fabric from tough polyester yarn with protective PVC vinyl coating. Additional protection available from upgraded metal grills.

Elevate your home's resilience against pet-related wear and tear with our innovative Pet Screens. Engineered for durability, these screens are seven times stronger than standard fiberglass options, thanks to their construction from robust polyester yarn coated in protective PVC vinyl. This special pet-resistant fabric ensures your screens can withstand the enthusiasm of your furry friends without compromising ventilation or visibility. For those seeking even greater protection, we offer the option to upgrade with metal grills, providing an extra layer of defense against the most spirited of pets, ensuring your screens maintain their integrity and function over time.


hanging a bug screenBENEFITS: Increased function, longer lifespan, better tension for taut, flat, non-wrinkled/wavy look, cosmetic & neighborhood appeal.

Reframing your screens with us enhances their functionality and extends their lifespan and ensures they maintain a taut, flat appearance without wrinkles or waves. This process significantly improves the tension and integrity of the screen, leading to a smoother, more visually appealing finish. Beyond the immediate practical benefits, a well-framed screen contributes to your home's overall cosmetic and neighborhood appeal, blending seamlessly with your exterior design. Opt for our professional reframing services to elevate your screens' performance and aesthetics, ensuring they look and function at their best for years to come.